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About kaimipono.net

Kaimipono.net was a website for Kaimipono David Wenger (Kaimi). He was a law professor at Thomas Jefferson Law School of Law in San Diego, California, teaching Business Associations, Critical Race Theory, and Will and Trusts. The website contained the works of David including scholarships, conferences, writings, research work, and Mormon studies. On the landing page, you would see an introduction to David and his work as well as his background. Don’t forget to visit Personal Injury Lawyer News after reading this article.

There was a lot of option to click on the website and you can read about presentations that David Wenger had created including:

  • “The Divine Institution of Marriage”:  Religious Use of Legal Arguments in the Proposition 8 Campaign
  • Apology, Microreparations, and the Reparations Movement
  • Rethinking Restitution for Slavery and Jim Crow
  • Forty Acres at the Intersection:  The Role of Slavery Reparations in Addressing the Subordination of Multiply-Marginalized People

There is also a lot of other presentations on the website about legal scholarships and such. Aside from those things, David Wenger also had his writings on the website. There was also an option to read about Mormon Studies that David Wenger wrote. The website was created in 2003 and was designed by Kaimipono David Wegner himself. On the website, you would also find his contact details along with information about what he did. 

About Kaimipono David Wenger

Kaimipono David Wenger was a writer who wrote a lot of works about civil rights. His articles had been published in Wisconsin Law Review, American University Law Review, University of San Francisco Law Review, Connecticut Law Review CONNtemplations, and Thomas Jefferson Law Review. His other works were also on the website. 

He received his B.A. from the Arizona State University and he got a J.D. from Columbia Law School, while he was a James Kent Scholar, a Harlan Fiske Stone scholar, and an articles editor for the Columbia Law Review. He clerked for Judge Jack B. Weinstein in the Eastern District of New York and practiced law in the New York office of Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP.

Kaimipono David Wenger was also an organizer for a lot of legal conferences. In 2010, He was the lead organizer for Thomas Jefferson’s annual Women and Law conference, titled Women of Color and Intersectionality.  It was jointly organized with the Critical Race Studies Symposium at UCLA law school. The keynote speaker was Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

In 2006, he also organized a symposium on reparations.  This two-day conference brought a number of reparations experts to TJSL, including Jack Greenberg, Al Brophy, Maggie Chon, Eric Miller, Robert Westley, Rebecca Tsosie, and Rep. John Conyers.

He also wrote regularly for websites like Concurring Opinions (a legal group blog) and Times and Seasons (a Mormon-themed group blog).  Aside from that he also posted in the past at Prawfsblawg (a legal-themed group blog) and By Common Consent (a Mormon-themed group blog).  Lastly, he also wrote guest posts for a variety of blogs, including the Feminist Law Professors blog.

His research focused mostly on a variety of civil rights issues.  These include racial justice; reparations and apologies for slavery and Jim Crow; atonement and restorative justice; critical race theory; feminist legal theory; Native Hawaiian rights; LGBT rights and marriage equality; religious freedom; Mormonism; and a variety of Mormon-studies issues. He had also written about agency regulation, tort law, and new governance.

Lastly, he also offered interviews on the topics of civil rights, race and law, reparations for slavery, Native Hawaiian rights, LGBT rights and marriage equality, religious freedom, and Mormonism.

About Thomas Jefferson Law School

Thomas Jefferson School of Law is a private law school in San Diego, California. They offer a Juris Doctor and three Master of Laws programs, including one that is exclusively online, as well as a combined J.D./M.B.A. with San Diego State University. 

The Thomas Jefferson School of Law was founded in 1969. Its original name was Western State University College of Law and operated as such until 1995 until it became independent. In 2008, it joined the Association of American Law Schools. In January 2011, The school moved to a building located in the East Village district of downtown San Diego. In 2018, the school moved into an office building in downtown San Diego, as a cost-cutting measure. 

TJSL has operated a lawyer incubator program called the Center for Solo Practitioners in the fall of 2012. This provided space and support for selected alumni who are going into solo practice and was also intended to help serve under-represented communities.

The Center for Solo Practitioners was honored with an ABA award in recognition of “successful implementation of a project or program specifically targeted to solo and small-firm lawyers” at the 2013 annual meeting of the American Bar Association. 

In 2019, The American Bar Association stripped Thomas Jefferson School of Law of its national accreditation. The San Diego school’s loss of its ABA stamp of approval became effective December 17, 2019. However, to this day, the school is still fully operational.

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