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Boston College Public Interest Law Foundation History

Bcpilf.org was a website for The Boston College Public Interest Law Foundation or BCPILF. BCPILF is a foundation organized to promote public interest law-focused activities at Boston College of Law. The foundation aims to provide easily accessible resources to students who are pursuing careers in public service.

The website was created to provide details about the BC Law Public Interest Law Foundation and its programs. Please visit Personal Injury Lawyer News when you are done with the article.

 Services on Boston College Law Public Interest Law Foundation

The website in itself provides a friendly vibe making it inviting for students and web visitors alike. 

There are few services available on the website. The website provides one landing page for all the services they provide.  The about section provides information about what BC Law Public Interest Law Foundation is aiming to achieve. It showcases its goal of providing resources to BC Law students and inciting law-focused activities that greatly help the public. 

On the homepage of the website, you will see the about section of the BC Law Public Interest Law Foundation. It also provides a brief description of Public Interest Law Foundation Stipends also known as PILF Stipends. According to the website, this program is a monumental fundraising effort that allows BC Law students to receive funding. A significant portion of the funding for the stipend that the BC Law students receive came from donations that have been generously given by supporters throughout the year. These resources can be used to provide funding and help students for otherwise uncompensated summer positions. 

PILF Stipends on bcpilf.org

By navigating the menu on the upper righthand corner of bcpilf.org you can read a more detailed description of their program PILF Stipends. PILF Stipends is a yearly event that accepts applications from students who wish to receive funding for unpaid summer positions. But not everyone can be accepted for this program. The process involved in accepting candidates for the stipends program, according to the website, is competitive and based on several standards. These include the type of position the student holds, their auction involvement, and their answers to application questions. The website also cited that the PILF Stipend was able to fund eighty-eight (88) law students through their stipend program. As such, PILF had expressed their incredible gratitude for all the donations and support that they had received with each school year. They thanked the people who supported their cause through various fundraising activities, including the auction held annually. 

PILF Auction

By scrolling further a piece of information about the auction can be seen. An auction is an annual event hosted by PILF members. The event was possible because of the generous support from various individuals including Boston College of Law’s school administrations, faculty, staff, students, alumni, local and regional businesses, the PILF board itself, and the local community. Because of this, PILF could not thank them enough. PILF has expressed their gratitude once more for all the donations they receive throughout the year. They cited that without the generous support from these individuals, the stipends program would not be possible and PILF would not be able to provide funding for students working in the public interest sector.

Get In Touch with bcpilf.org

The BC Law Public Interest Law Foundation has a very straightforward website. It is very easy to navigate since you’ll easily access the sections you wish to read once you open it. The PILF website had a method for users to contact the site admins through a “Get In Touch” form at the bottom of the page. If a user wanted to express his or her feelings on a particular topic, share his or her opinion on something related to the PILF programs and events, or simply had a message for the site admins, they could simply fill-up the form by supplying his or her name, a valid e-mail address, and the contents of the message. Once done, they could just click the “Send Message” button and they’re all set.

BC Law Public Interest Law Foundation History

Boston College Law was founded in 1929. It all started with the selection of 54 outstanding students from a pool of roughly 700 applicants. Since then, Boston College Law has provided top-quality legal education to young aspiring law students. BC Law now sits on a beautiful 40-acre campus, complete with new and expanded classrooms, conference space, and a cutting-edge law library. Its 750 students are taught by some of the greatest full-time law professors in the country.

BC Law Public Interest Law Foundation was organized by students of Boston College interested in promoting the placement of law students in public interest in 1984. They provide financial security to students that are interested in the public interest. They raised funds through an auction to support a fellow student who wants to serve in the public interest but cannot afford to work for free.

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