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About rachelkarasick.com

This website rachelkarasick.com is a website created for Rachel Karasick. It was created in 2017 with the site drawing created by Molly Jean Winter and the icon was created by Carla Dias. The website contained information on public libraries and such. It was called the Library Rate. You could visit the website to find information about libraries. To read other related articles, visit Personal Injury Lawyer News.

When you visit the website, the first thing you would see is the about page. It talked about who Rachel was and what she did. It also contained information about her education and what she accomplished prior to starting the website. 

On the website, you would see her library project which included a Ux Report project in Simmons college. This report summarizes a formal usability study that was performed on the Simmons College website, using Morae software. The study’s purpose was to provide a better understanding of potential undergraduate and graduate applicants to Simmons College. A special focus was placed on the international student experience. These areas include the application, student life, and resources for international students.

Another project she led was the “Library Test Kitchen Prototype”. It was a class at Simmons’ library school, in conjunction with Harvard’s MetaLAB project. The class focused on designing solutions for libraries and culminated in a prototyping project. The prototype enabled enhanced browsing of zine collections and addressed how to increase user engagement with local collections.

You can also find information about one of her grant-funded projects called, “Read! By 4th” which is a project funded by the Lenfest Foundation. This Project was a citywide effort of over 90 organizations that aimed to significantly increase the number of students in Philadelphia who enter the 4th-grade level by the year 2020. 

All of Rachel’s other works were on the website, too, including presentations, articles, and coursework. 

Works Available on Rachelkarasick Website

You can also find other works on the website. One example of Rachel’s works you’ll find on the website was her presentations. She has led the following presentations: 

  • Scholarly Information Services Symposium, ANU (2018); Topic:  you build it, will they come? Developing user-driven library
  • NE ASIS&T Annual Conference – Service Design: The Holistic Experience (2017); Topic: Usability Evaluation and Design Recommendations for Simmons Admission and Student Life, Simmons College Website
  • Progressive Librarians Guild Radical Cataloging + Zine Workshop (2017); Topic: Zine Assembly and Binding Techniques

Aside from these, you can also find her affiliations on the website. She was an affiliate with the following organizations: 

  • American Library Association
  • Massachusetts Library Association
  • Association of College & Research Libraries
  • Harvard Library Innovation Lab Summer Fellow
  • Served on planning crew for DERAIL Forum
  • Diversity & Inclusion Working Group, Beatley Library
  • Nominated to Free Library Leadership Development Program, Drexel University
  • Student Senate Appointed Representative, Mudd Library Academic Commons Design Committee, Oberlin College Library

Also, on the website, you would see all of the projects she was able to make. This included her library projects and grant-funded projects. The following are her grant-funded projects: 

  • MakerJawn (Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS), NBC)
  • Get Hype Philly! (GSK)
  • Framing Fraktur (Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, the Wyeth Foundation for American Art, The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation, Virginia Cretella Mars Foundation)

Those are just a few of the projects she led. All of her works could be found on the website, though. This includes more information about Rachel and what she did. 

About Rachel Karasick

Rachel Karasick was the Information Access Coordinator at the Hancock Library at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia. Her academic areas of interest are information science and technology, critical information literacy, and library leadership. She received her MLIS degree from the Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Studies in May of 2017. Her last name rhymes with “Jurassic”. 

Rachel had a wide range of experience in academic and public libraries. She also had a background in technical services, fundraising, and management. She supported the science teaching and research programs at the ANU, which included information literacy instruction, research assistance, and collection development. She also worked with the natural sciences, including the biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, medical, environmental, and earth science departments. Before all of this, she worked in departmental library administration and technical services at Simmons College in Boston.

Before she attended library school, Rachel served as a grant writer for the Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation, where she successfully raised over $3 million to support a wide variety of projects, including STEM programming; exhibitions of contemporary art and archival collections; expansion of workforce development programs; accessibility services; and youth education. She has previously worked for environmental non-profits in communications, volunteer coordination, and fundraising. She also served as an AmeriCorps VISTA member from 2010-2011, spearheading a new youth gardening program and organizing a low-income CSA program.

Rachel also loved visiting the woods and going on bike rides. 

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