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The website Falmouth. news website was a news website made for the chief town of the parish of Jamaica, Falmouth.  The website is full of news articles for Falmouth. The website will be giving you all the news you want to read, it includes the latest and trending news for Falmouth. Don’t forget to visit Personal Injury Lawyer News after reading this article.

Services on Falmouth News website

The Falmouth.news provides a wide range of news for Falmouth. On the landing page located at the top part, you will see the first list of categories which are the accident, health, politics, and travel tabs. This tab helps you sort the news by categories. When you click the accident categories, it will show all news about accidents. The health tab will show you all the health-related articles and news. The Politics tab will show you all related news regarding politics and lastly, the travel tab, provides news and articles related to travel.

On the right side of the landing page, there is a list of the most recent news posted on the website. It was sorted from the most recent to the old news article. It also has the most popular news for today’s list. That list also shows the share counts of that popular news.

There are also other categories on the landing page which are development, crime, sports, port, attractions, and advertisement. Under the development categories, this includes all the information and news regarding the development in Falmouth. Some of the news is the “Clark’s Town Police Station Among 14 Police Stations To Be Renovated Under Project ROC”, “Falmouth drop-in center for the homeless and indigent almost ready”, and “Historic Installation of Trelawny’s First Traffic Lights Has Begun” and more news for the future and development of Falmouth.

For the crime categories, it will show you all the news regarding crime in Falmouth. Some of the crime news published on the website is “After 3 years, St Ann man charged with murder, wounding with intent”, “Prisoner on murder charge escapes police custody in Falmouth”, and “Man killed by police after killing his mother and his 5-year old nephew”.

After that, there is the Sports category tab, which shows news related to the world of sports in Falmouth. Some of the news about sports are the “William Knibb Defeat Cedric Titus 1-0 to Remain Unbeaten Zone C Leaders in DaCosta Cup”, “Weak leadership hurting football in western Jamaica by Adrian Frater”, and “Muschett High Bags 10 Medals In Its First Ever International Track & Field Outing”. The next category is the Port category. The news and articles posted under this category are with regard to the Falmouth Port. Some of the news is “Port Authority commits to Trelawny health sector with a donation to Friends of Falmouth Hospital”, “The Main Reason Cruise Ship Visitors Stay Away From Falmouth and How To Get Visitors To Come To You”, and “Falmouth to Welcome New Largest Cruise Ship in the World (Harmony of the Seas) on November 22”.

The second to the last category is the Attractions tab. It will show us articles and news with regards to Falmouth’s attractions. Some of the news is “Falmouth Artisan Village construction to begin soon for completion at the end of 2018”, “Pepper’s Jerk Center in Falmouth is Refurbishing and Expanding for the Future”, and “Why the Martha Brae Is The Greatest, Most Valuable River In Jamaica”. And the last category, the Classifieds tab. This will help business establishments and owners to promote their business with the help of the website. 

At the bottom part of the Falmouth.news website, it has an about, contact, privacy policy, and privacy tools provided by the website. If you click the about section, it will bring you to the about section of the website, providing history about Falmouth and Falmouth.news. When you click the contact button, it will provide you with a form that you will need to fill up and submit for messages and inquiries. Lastly, the privacy policy and tools about safeguarding the privacy of the viewers.

History of the Falmouth.news website

Falmouth Jamaica is the parish seat and the most populous town in Trelawny parish. Although it is a small town with a population of fewer than 15,000 people, it is well-known across the world as the Falmouth Port of Call for Royal Caribbean.

It is commonly referred to as “Historic Falmouth” because of its long and illustrious past as a major maritime port during the age of slavery when sugar was the currency.

It was formerly called FalmouthPO.com until it was renamed Falmouth News at the beginning of 2010. Using FalmouthPO.com, they published every big event in the town since then that has been captured on the site in text, photo, or video format. Unfortunately, a database problem caused the site to go down and they had to give up on it for the time being. As a result, Falmouth News carries on the tradition of FalmouthPO.com.

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